About me and this blog

Welcome to my new webpage. Its purpose is to enable me to connect with residents in Spruce Grove, where I’m honoured to serve as a city council member.

I’ve been an Alderman in Spruce Grove for over two decades. I’ll be running again in the upcoming municipal election Oct. 16.

Nomination day is Sept. 18 and that’s when you will know the candidates who will be on the ballot. I expect that there will several newcomers running so it should be an interesting race, albeit short at only four weeks. Please get to know your candidates. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from us between nomination day and the election. Probably more than you’d like but, hey, it’s only four weeks and it’s important.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner who works with individuals, families and companies and their money. When I first ran it was on a platform of fiscal restraint. At that time we were one of the higher taxed municipalities in Alberta but now we’re well below average. I also believe in economic development and reasonable residential growth. Our growth rate has averaged over 5 per cent over the last decade. It’s a rate that I believe is too high as growth comes at a price. I also know that it’s very difficult to limit growth. When you’ve built a fine community as exists in Spruce Grove, people will want to come here. We have built a fine community, as evidenced by our very positive citizen-satisfaction surveys.

I have and want to continue to positively influence the development of our small city. It sounds corny, but this describes my objective: “We’ve built a fine community and I will continue to work to make it better. I came here to make a living and stayed to make a life.”
I’ve lived in Spruce Grove since 1975. As the corny quote says, I did come here for a job and have been in Spruce Grove ever since.
Please check back here frequently for new content. I’ll try to add material every week or two and I’ll blast it out on social media.

I have several ideas for articles that I’ll put out over the next few weeks and months. This isn’t just an election website as I will keep it going over the next term. Please let me know what you think using wrotherothe.ca or phone me at 780-982-6369 (cell) or 780-962-0156 (home).

Oh, about that photo. I’ve grown a short beard so the pic will have to be updated.

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