Parks, parks and more parks

Ald. Turton and I were the first dumpees at the water bucket after the new splash park opened on Canada Day. I appear to be getting the worst of it.

By Alderman Wayne Rothe
When our children were young I often walked with them down the block to Greystone Park. They enjoyed playing on the playground equipment while I read.

My son now has his own house four blocks from that same park. I expect that he’ll one day take his own kids to that same park where he and his sister would play for hours.

Spruce Grove has some wonderful parks. Our newest is the water spray/splash park at Jubilee Park in the city’s northeast. Jubilee Park is a gem, with many active and passive options. There is a nine-hole disc-golf course that will be much nicer as those trees grow up. The water spray park opened on Canada Day and is sure to be a kid magnet.

Kids and kids at heart, it seems, as the Examiner’s Jake Wray wrote this after Ald. Searle Turton and I stood under that huge water bucket to among the first to get dumped on: “(Ald. Turton) and his son, along with Ald. Wayne Rothe and a group of other children, gathered under a contraption that periodically dumped water….” I know that Jake didn’t intend that the way it read and I laughed.

If you have young kids, head over to the Rotary play-scape. Located near the Tri Leisure Centre, this is Spruce Grove’s most colourful park. It was Canada’s largest park of its kind when it opened in 2009. I think you’ll love the cushioned floor made out of recycled, rubberized material. Your kids may never want to leave.

The Heritage Grove Park is my favourite park. There are more than 40 km of all-season trails that will make you forget that you’re in the centre of a city. The trails contain outdoor classrooms and educational signs where you can learn about the forest’s history. There is lots of wildlife, including a number of woodpeckers. The moose that was loose in Spruce years ago has long since moved on. I think, but keep watch just in case.

If you have a dog you and your canine companion will enjoy the Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial off-leash park located along Century Road south of Highway 16A. This park is 8.6 acres of doggie fun. There is also a designated area just for smaller dogs to play safely. (This park was named for Cpl. Jim Galloway, an RCMP dog handler who was killed in the line of duty in Spruce Grove Feb. 28, 2004.)

There is a nature-scape park located near our city’s downtown that contains a timber mountain log slide and a rope and climbing rocks and mixes elements of nature with man-made materials. This park is located near the log cabin that housed a Japanese school from 1989 to 2009.

As you can see Spruce Grove has some terrific parks suitable for all ages and interests. Give a couple of them parks a try. You’ll find more information on our parks here.

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