Farewell, Bill Kesanko

By Ald. Wayne Rothe
I want to acknowledge the contributions of my colleague, Bill Kesanko. Bill last night announced his retirement from municipal politics after 22 years on Spruce Grove city council.

Bill is a bit of an acquired taste, and I acquired the taste. We sometimes disagreed but there were many attributes of Bill’s that I’ll miss.

I’ll miss Bill’s memory and attention to detail. Bill sometimes found errors in council reports that others had missed. It happened again last night. These were often little details but that is the kind of person that Bill is.

Many times he’d ask questions and eloquently (he’s one of the most polished speakers I’ve worked with) state points of view that would cause me to challenge mine. If I couldn’t find some obscure fact I sometimes phoned Bill and he either knew it or he would know where to find it. He kept great records, including filling many books with notes.

I like elected officials who are free thinkers and challenge authority and the status quo. I appreciate that Bill would do that despite some risk to himself. I don’t like when everyone thinks alike and Bill is definitely a free thinker.

Bill’s announcement guarantees that there will be at least two new members of city council and I welcome the influx of new blood.

Good bye, Bill. Thank you for your service. Now Judy gets her husband back.

Bill is the second sitting alderman to announce retirement. My post on Alderman Louise Baxter is here: http://waynerothe.ca/2017/07/26/goodbye-farewell-and-amen/

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