RCMP recommends crime-prevention strategies

By Councillor Wayne Rothe

Here are some notes from city council’s committee of the whole meeting May 17. (CoW meetings are similar to council meetings but they’re only for briefings; we cannot make decisions.)

Last night we got a policing update from Insp. Mike Lokken, who heads the local RCMP detachment and presents three times a year.

Insp. Lokken suggested five strategies for reducing your risk of being a victim of crime (there is overlap in the following): securing your home (locking doors, making your property less enticing…you know the drill), securing your stuff in locked sheds, good lighting (motion-sensor lights are great; I have several), keeping vehicles and garages locked, and looking out for each other.

Insp. Lokken recommended the free LightCatch app as a crime-prevention tool. The LightCatch website touts the app as a means of “safe, anonymous reporting of suspicious activity, property crime, danger, or missing people.” I’ve downloaded LIghtCatch and will be using it. 

Insp. Lokken said there are three priority areas for his detachment: employee wellness (ensuring a safe, healthy workplace and contented employees), public engagement (made more difficult during a pandemic), greater RCMP visibility in the community (vehicles and officers being seen around the community).

Details of Insp. Lokken’s presentation are available at Sprucegrove.org, where you can see the crime statistics. You can also view the second CoW presentation, by Janine Peter, on the Spruce Grove COVID-19 recovery plan. You can also listen to the meeting podcast.

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